(Not so) Censored

I try so hard to be positive through this whole journey,  but I am going to have a moment here.  I’m not looking for sympathy,  I’m not looking for clichés,  I’m not looking for comfort.  Just a single moment to be raw, pissed off, not positive and not so censored.


I HATE INFERTILITY.  I hate what it does –  it makes me bitter and jealous.  I hate what it doesn’t do – it makes me unable to get pregnant.  I hate what it takes – it takes the fun out of trying to get pregnant .  I hate what it’s given – it gives an education most people pay a lot of money for (they’re called DOCTORS!!) .

Why does it all have to be so hard?!  I’m ready to feel just one emotion at a time.

lousy mood

6 thoughts on “(Not so) Censored

  1. I hate it with you, Dacina. And I won’t make the attempt, though sincere it might be, to offer words of comfort that you have heard a hundred times over. I’ve known loss and pain and every horror in between and I’ve stopped asking why, because I can’t say the words anymore. But my heart breaks for you, it truly does my dear friend.

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