Turning a House into a Home

As I write this, I am sitting in a camping chair in the kitchen of our new home surrounded by drop clots and 16 gallons of full, half full and almost empty paint cans.

This place is a DISASTER!

But it’s OURS!

We’ve spent a LOT of hours painting and cleaning and fighting with professional carpet cleaners (fighting with the carpet cleaners is mainly me).  The people who owned this home before us had a dog and the odor has been offending J’s delicate nasal passages since day one!

We called and set up the carpet cleaning before we even closed on the house because we are both pretty OCD and couldn’t bear the thought of walking on carpets that we are unsure of what was on them before we moved in.

There were stains where they had the kennel in the master bedroom plus a pretty large one in the doorway of the master bath.  But that seemed to be it.  Until they came and cleaned.

Now, the day of closing was the day that we had them cleaned and that was a fiasco in itself!  It was a very warm day and the house was stuffy, so I decided to turn on the A/C.  And the thermostat promptly fell apart in my hand.  Lovely, I know.  Thankfully, I have a handy hubby and after (another) trip to Lowe’s he was able to get it fixed.  Moving on!


J had already negotiated a price with the company before they even sent the tech out, but he wasn’t here when they came to start the cleaning.  They must have thought **I** was the pushover of the family – HA! – because the tech quoted me a price that was CONSIDERABLY higher than the price they’d discussed with J.

Well, not only did I get them down to the original price, but I got all three bedrooms deodorized for the price of one.  I know.  Hold your applause.

After the boiler room negotiating was complete, the tech went out to start his van and it was completely dead.  He ended up having to call the mechanic and wait for him for almost an hour!  They tried to fix it when he got here but ended up having to call a tow truck to haul it off.

tow truck

When they finally got all set up with the other van and did all the cleaning, I looked at the carpets to discover there were still some stains.  So, the tech went over them again.  Fast forward to Monday and the carpets now look WORSE than they did before they cleaned.

Thankfully, the cleaning company has a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  The stipulation is that they have to send the tech out with a supervisor.  Something about the carpets have to completely dry before a determination can be made, and then they have to clean them again.  So, they did.

When they arrived, even the tech noticed that more stains had risen to the surface.  They used some super magic spray (that had no magical powers what-so-ever), cleaned them again and said we should be “good to go”.  Unfortunately, they were even WORSE today when I came back to the house to have our WiFi installed and our HVAC system cleaned!

**Cue the boiler room negotiations.**

I am happy to report that we WILL be getting 100% of our money back for that!  However, now we have to have new carpets installed.  THANK GOODNESS we work at Lowe’s!!

BUUUUUUUTTT…  we have to be out of our apartment on Saturday and can’t move our stuff into bedrooms with no carpet (because J is tearing them out as we speak) so we had to rent a storage unit for a couple of weeks!  Technically, we had to rent it for a month, but there were some good deals going on so it balances out to only a couple of weeks.

It always seems that just when we think things can’t get much more stressful, life says “Haha!  You just wait!”

I’m reminding myself to keep breathing and that when everything is said and done, it will be so worth it!

I just wish that would ease my tired bones and aching muscles!

But I’m excited to turn this house into OUR HOME!

7 thoughts on “Turning a House into a Home

  1. HOw exciting to have your own home!1 Even with all the trouble, its part of your story and you’ll laugh at this story as you tell your kids about the time their dad and you bought their first home… memories being made!! XOX Congrats!

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