My husband and I were married in November of 2011. We have been trying to get pregnant since our wedding day! It’s been a journey filled with so many emotions!! We are blessed with amazing friends and family that are VERY supportive of us… I decided to start this blog as a way for me to “clear the cobwebs” in my head and to sort through the myriad of thoughts and emotions that FLOOD through this process!! I am hoping that when we have a child – biologically or adopted – that I will be able to piece this together into a journal of the steps we took, the battles we fought and the obstacles we overcame in pursuit of our dream!!


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  1. Amanda says:

    Hello! I am Amanda, a fellow Lowe’s employee. I came across your infertility post on Connections and in the least creepy way found your blog via Google. haha As weird as it might sound I really think God meant for me to find you. My husband and I were married last July. In February this year we decided to start trying to conceive. And here we are six months of disappointing negative signs later. Month after month I would just shrug it off and say “maybe next time”. I didn’t realize how emotionally invested I was until recently when a coworker told me she and her husband were expecting. I found myself in the break room with a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat. All I wanted to do was crawl up in the corner and cry. Thankfully I was able to escape to the bathroom just in time.. It hit me then that we could possibly be on a long, unforseen journey. I came home that afternoon and broke down in the arms of my husband. As I read through your blog I feel encouraged that I can get through this and I am not alone! Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I will stay tuned!


    • I’m so glad you found me!! God has a reason for putting people in our lives FOR SURE!! It is a tough road to travel and I am glad that you are encouraged by my journey!! Stay strong!! ❤️


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