We Meet Again


Well, January.  We meet again.  You’ve been lurking like a mischievous child.  You’ve always been my favorite month – you’re the month that everyone gets to celebrate the fact that I was born!  The last 2 January’s, however, have NOT been good.  January 2012 – my mother got sick and was diagnosed with cancer soon after.  January 2013 – my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer.  So, maybe you can kinda understand where my apprehension to see you comes from.  Now this year, I’ve started out with pneumonia.  I’m just gonna assume that this is just getting the major illnesses out of the way for the year!  I WILL NOT spend as much time at Dr’s offices this year as I did last!  Mark. My. Words.


2013 wasn’t exactly kind to me.  I learned a lot, though.  About me.  About my husband.  About friends.  About family.  I’ve learned that I can feel more than I thought.  I’ve learned that I can bend farther than I realized.  I’ve learned that I can fight harder than I’d expected.  I’ve learned that I can live through pain that seems unbearable.  I’ve learned that my husband can support the weight of my leaning on him.  I’ve learned that some of the friends I thought would be there, haven’t.  I’ve learned that some of the family that I thought would be there, aren’t.  And I don’t regret a single thing.  I might change the outcome – but the lessons are valuable.

2014 paris

This is the time of year that everyone starts their “New Years Resolutions”.  I’ve never been one for resolutions.  Let’s be honest – how many of us stick with the resolutions that we make every year (for longer than a month)?  I’ll be the first to say “Not me!”  They’d probably be better served being called “New Years Intentions”!  I have a few of those!  But I’ll just share a couple.

in 2014, it is my intention to:

  • Give myself more grace in tough situations.
  • Focus more on the blessings I have than the ones I want.

This year IS going to be a good year.  Because I say so.  Our arms may be empty, but our hearts are full.

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” – Isaiah 43:19


First Responders are my Heroes

We always have those thoughts of “It could never happen to me” or “It won’t happen to me”…  Until it does.

Last night, we were at my In-law’s having a perfect evening.  BBQ’d hamburgers, I painted my Mother-In-Law’s nails and hubby worked on a wood bench.  About 9pm, when he was done I went out to see it.  I sat down and a couple of seconds later, it felt like a mosquito bit me, and then the sensation got worse.  When I freaked out and jumped up, Jon noticed the bee on the ground.  I knew I was allergic but didn’t really know what to expect.


We dug what we could of the stinger out and as we were doing that, I felt my throat starting to close, I was getting nauseous and having trouble breathing.  My Mother-In-Law gave me 2 Benadryl’s but it continued to get worse.  I started sweating and getting really warm, and then vomited once.  We decided to head to the ER but on the way, Jon decided to call 911 and meet an ambulance.  The rest is pretty much a blur.

In speaking with the Dr this morning, we were informed that the anaphylactic shock was much more serious than we realized at the moment.  He said that the First Responders giving me epinephrine immediately before doing anything else when they arrived to the scene saved my life.  I learned at the hospital that my blood pressure was 70/40 and I was pretty unresponsive. My breathing was severely ragged and laboured.  Had my husband not made the decision he did, who knows what the outcome may had been?

The Dr suggested writing a “Thank You” note to the Paramedics that arrived on scene.  I  started wondering just how many people do that, and then immediately decided that I would be one of them.  Remember I told you that my husband is a PK?  Well, in texting with my Mother-In-Law, I learned that tomorrow at my Father-In-Law’s church the entire service is honoring First Responders/Community Workers.  These people put their lives on the line completely selflessly, knowing that the outcome could not be favorable.  In some cases, they’re running in when everyone else is running out.  I get emotional thinking about what could have happened had they not worked as quickly as they did…  So, tomorrow, I get to personally thank the people who don’t often get thanked.  But I will also thank God for them every night in my prayers!